Diane Guerrero Helps Launch ‘Fabric of America’ Campaign

Actress, author, activist, Diane Guerrero (Doom Patrol, Orange is the New Black, Jane the Virgin) has contributed her influential voice to a new passion project – the “Fabric of America” campaign by Xfinity from Comcast today.

The virtual experience which can be discovered at www.fabricofthenation.com, honors the optimistic and resilient spirit of diverse American voices, their essential role in the cultural tapestry of the US, and their contributions toward moving this country forward.

Diane is encouraging all culturally diverse Americans to contribute their influential voice to this very special digital experience. When you visit www.fabricofthenation.com, you can record and share your voice, your story of contribution to the cultural tapestry of the US, and your wish for the future. All voices, each a soundwave, become digital threads that woven together make up a beautiful 3D, digital American flag.

Diane is among the many influencers, leaders, and academics who are contributing their diverse voice/perspective/story to the digital activation. Diane’s voice speaks to people. It inspires pride in her heritage, community, and values. Her voice is what Xfinity had in mind when Fabric of America was created.


Diane Guerrero Urges Voters To ‘Get It In Early’

‘Safe Voting Feels So Good’ is the name of the election PSA co-produced by Rosario Dawson, which is jam-packed with saucy innuendo within a serious message.

You can mail it in, drop it off in a box or do it in person (as long as you come early and wear protection).

That’s the innuendo-filled message at the heart of a new election PSA co-produced by actress and activist Rosario Dawson.

Starring Orange Is The New Black’s Diane Guerrero, the three-and-a-half minute long parody has a serious message about the importance of early voting and having a plan, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Is this your first time? Do you feel nervous?” Diane, 34, says in the opening shot, moments after undoing her chignon and tossing her hair from side to side like she’s in a sexy shampoo commercial. “It’s normal to have lots of emotions about this big decision but I’m here to tell you, it’s gonna feel so good. So you should definitely do it.”

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Diane Guerrero To Star In ‘Woman In The Book’

Crypt TV, the company behind Facebook Watch’s The Birch, is making its first animated horror series for the digital service.

Woman In The Book will star Diane Guerrero, star of DC’s Doom Patrol and Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black.

The Latinx series is multilingual, using both Spanish and English, and follows the lives of three estranged siblings who reunite at an aging Mexican hacienda to wrestle for their inheritance, but inadvertently unleash a book-bound horror upon them that has plagued their family for generations.

Joining Guerrero in the series are Alfonso Herrera (The Chosen), Jose Ruiz-Gonzales (Sanitarium) and Bryan Greenberg (How To Make It In America).

Production will begin later this month and it is set to air in early summer 2021. It is based on a 2016 Crypt TV digital series produced by Allison Vanore and written and directed by Justin Martinez, who will both serve as co-producers.

Crypt TV’s COO Darren Brandl said, “This is the first of many television animated series Crypt plans to launch and we couldn’t have imagined a more talented partner than Guerrero to voice the leading role, and Starburns to lead the animation of this special show built for our global Spanish speaking audience on Facebook Watch.”


The Bare Magazine: Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby

We are excited to present an exclusive interview between “Doom Patrol” costars and real life friends Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby. They discuss everything from dismantling white supremacy to their favorite ice cream flavor. Bonus are these photos they sent from Los Angeles especially for us looking as naturally gorgeous as ever. We were blown away by their performance when we recently binged the first 3 episodes streaming on DC Universe and HBO Max – can’t wait for more! Thank you Diane and April for a sweet intimate glance behind the talented beautiful souls that bring Crazy Jane and Elasti-Girl to vivid life.

The Bare Magazine: How do you feel about this time? 2 world Pandemics, racial injustice and the health crisis?

Diane Guerrero: We are in a revolution! I’m ready to fight tooth and nail against white supremacy and overthrowing this fucked government. We must defund the oppressive institutions that are building business off the control, detention, and slave labor of people of color. And yes that includes the police, ICE and the military.

We need to invest in our communities. Communities that are given resources thrive. It’s a concept we never applied in communities of color. But just look at white neighborhoods. OURS is a system that has historically, continuously survived and thrived on the sacrifice of indigenous, black, and brown people.
COVID-19 has also disproportionately set back Black and Latinx communities, wiped out familial wealth, killed careers and ended businesses. We are seeing how the generations of oppression of black and brown communities results in increased vulnerability and puts even more of our black and brown loved ones at risk.

April Bowlby: I am hopeful, that under such conditions and pressures we can come together and become an elevated society. It’s unprecedented in modern times because we’re actually talking in mainstream media about a healthcare crisis that’s been going on long before covid and murder at the hands of state actors has been going on since 1492. It has to change. And now is the time.

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Refinery29: Up Close & Personal With Diane Guerrero

Diane Guerrero is a self-proclaimed girly-girl. At a downtown New York salon, she has tested out five different shades of pink before settling on the one that first caught her attention. But, the Orange Is the New Black actress is so much more than a girl who knows her way around the beauty department. She’s the woman who bravely shared the story of her family’s deportation in an op-ed for the L.A. Times. She’s the woman who punctuates her pondering over polish with insightful discussion about Latinas in Hollywood. She’s the girl who isn’t afraid to tell you how everyone in high school thought she looked like the puppet from The Dark Crystal. “I actually saw the movie and was like, ‘Alright, fair enough. I look like the puppet,’” she said in between laughs. And, yes — in addition to all those things — she’s the one encouraging me to get an all-white manicure because it will be “fierce.”

Guerrero proves that femininity and intellect aren’t mutually exclusive. She’s a down-to-earth example of how a woman can actively engage in social justice while hitting up Lush for that toner she swears by. With a new season of OITNB premiering June 12, a recurring role on Jane the Virgin, and her memoir In The Country We Love coming out next year, we had a lot to talk about.

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NPR: Diane Guerrero Shines a Light on Immigration

On Capitol Hill, the immigration debate is a political story. But for millions of people across the country, it is something deeper. “This is not a political issue; it is a human issue,” says Diane Guerrero. “Me and my parents were a family, and now we’re not. We’re separated.”

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Diane Guerrero Describes her Parents’ Deportation

Prison life is tough for Maritza, Diane Guerrero’s inmate character on the Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black.” But real life has dealt Guerrero some serious problems, too.

She’s the daughter of Colombian immigrants who were living in the United States illegally. When Guerrero was just 14, she returned from school one day to find her family had vanished.

“I walk into an empty home, I smell the food — dinner was close to being ready — the lights were on and it appeared like they were there, but they weren’t,” Guerrero remembers. “Then, of course, the neighbors came, and they informed me that they were detained by immigration.”

Guerrero says her mother and father had been obsessed with how to get proper documents and stay in the US. It was “a topic of conversation almost every day.”

The couple’s detention sent their teenage daughter into a tailspin. “It was really scary,” Guererro says. “I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I was 14. I knew I was a citizen, but I thought, ‘Are they going to take me, too?'”

Guerrero tried to create a new life, living with friends of her family. She pleaded with her parents to allow her to say in the US and finish her studies at the Boston Arts Academy.

“The most difficult part of trying to live without parents was thinking: How am I going to survive? Where am I going to get the money to live?” she remembers. “I wanted to continue in the arts, but then everything pointed to me having to do something more practical because I didn’t have a family to support me financially.”

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Diane Guerrero Breaks Down Recalling Parents’ Deportation

She plays a tough cookie on Orange Is the New Black, but Diane Guerrero got vulnerable while appearing on CNN Monday, Nov. 17. The actress, who plays Maritza Ramos on the Netflix series, penned an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times this past weekend, about losing her parents at age 14, when they were deported.

“I said in my letter, I would always have this feeling — I was always scared that my parents were going to be gone,” Guerrero, 28, recalled. “They would remind me every day. I knew my dad had like this whole system. ‘Here’s where I hide this in case anything happens. And, you know, don’t be scared and know that you’re going to be okay and that we love you very much and that we wish that this situation was different for us, but this is our reality.’ So, yes, that day I had this feeling.”

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StyleCaster: Get to Know Diane Guerrero

You might not be on a first name basis with Diane Guerrero yet, but we suggest you get her on your radar, and soon. Fans of Netflix’s beloved series “Orange is the New Black” know her as inmate Maritza Ramos, while CW lovers will surely recognize Guerrero as Lina from the network’s new big hit “Jane the Virgin” (the best friend to the religious Jane, who gets pregnant after accidental artificial insemination.)

The 28-year-old—raised in Boston, but whose family is from Colombia—started her career working in a law office after college, until it dawned on her that acting was her passion. She moved to New York City, started hitting the pavement, and even trolling Craigslist for roles. Now, with two big shows on her resume, we have a feeling her star is very much on the rise.

Guerrero stopped by the StyleCaster office to chat about everything from how she got the part on “Orange” to dressing for the red carpet, and immediately won us over with her hat obsession and her story of fan-girling out after spotting Meg Ryan on the street.

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InStyle: Flaritza Explains It All – Life Lessons from Maritza and Flaca

While most of the Litchfield inmates on Orange Is the New Black have no problem speaking their minds, Flaca and Maritza, the dynamic duo often known as Flaritza to fans, prove to be especially candid with their hilarious, unfiltered words of wisdom. The relatable, down-to-earth characters allow fans to identify with each dramatic storyline, and it’s no wonder—Jackie Cruz, who plays Flaca, confessed that her role is actually a more-blunt version of herself. “I identify with almost everything about Flaca, except she says more of what is on her mind,” she tells us. “I always say she’s a little like my alter ego. She says things I wish I could say, but don’t.”

During a recent trip to InStyle headquarters, we caught up with Cruz and Diane Guerrero (who portrays Maritza) to get insight on what they’ve learned from the hit show and, no surprise to us, they had a lot to say. Keep reading to see the life lessons we picked up during our conversation—Oprah’s Lifeclass might have some competition!

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