Latina: Interview with Diane Guerrero

If you haven’t used a hashtag by now, you probably died five years ago and you’re a zombie aimlessly tapping away on a keyboard and ended up on this article. If you’re alive and hashtagging like the rest of the living, this interview is for you. It’s a new franchise called #Interview with up-and-coming Latin celebs. I’ll be trolling them (just a bit) and asking them about particular hashtags on their social pages. Our first victim subject is Diane Guerrero, who plays the adorable Maritza on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black (season 2 starts streaming on June 6). We talk with the #colombiana about #OITNB, #Juanes, her new CW show #JaneTheVirgin, and other hashtags. #MustRead #Kittens #Flaritza #JimmyFallonShowedUsTheWay #IAmNotAZombie

Tell me about #TotallyBuggingOut. It was attached to a picture of you and Juanes.

He is everything! Lets just start with that. I found out that he was doing the theme song for Jane the Virgin and Gina [Rodriguez] had e-mailed me, “Juanes is doing this, if we get picked up.” He had a song called “La Flor,” which is perfect with the theme of the show and you know how Latinos associate virginity with a flower and it being destroyed when it’s entered. So, when he came in, I just I lost it. And I was like, “Diane just get it together you’re fine, you’re good and then he was standing right next to me!” And all of a sudden I forgot how to speak Spanish, which was my first language, apparently it’s not anymore. I forgot how to speak Spanish and then all of a sudden Spanglish started coming and then that’s when I was like totally bugging out cause I was just bugging out. And he was so sweet to me and just so lovely and he was telling me congratulations and I was like, “Umm you’re kind of the biggest person that I’ve ever met.”

How about #NotAnotherBathroomSelfie?

It’s sometimes a little embarrassing to take selfies but sometimes I want to take a selfie because I’m like, “Oh I look cute. I like my hat. I like what I’m wearing and I want to show it off.” But at the same time I still feel guilty about being all self-involved so when I say #NotAnotherBathroomSelfie I just mean, “Oh God, here we go again. I don’t want to be just like everyone else and do the same thing but I’m sort of doing the same thing everybody else is doing.” There’s been another #NotAnotherBathroomSelfie with Dascha [Polanco]. I think we did it in one of her premieres for Gimme Shelter. We were there and again it was another bathroom situation and I do it in the bathroom so people don’t see that I’m taking a selfie. I don’t know why I’m so self-conscious about it.

#DontEverCallHimStupid. It was a pic of your boyfriend.

So that’s a reference to Forrest Gump. “Don’t you ever call him stupid.” We say that to each other all the time. So then when I took a picture of him, it just seemed appropriate, #DontEverCallHimStupid, because he’s my man I love him. Forrest Gump has been one of my favorite movies of all time. After school I would come home eat Cheez-Its with lemonade and watch that movie over and over and over again. It was everyday. And I think it was around this time where I was trying to figure things out and I didn’t have really a lot of friends so I would go home and watch Forrest Gump. So when I met him he just kept giving me all these Forrest Gump references and I was like, “Oh my God this is it!”

#TouristLife #LA. Was it your first time in Los Angeles?

It was my first time in L.A., and #TouristLife because I was being a total tourist. I was put up in the Sheraton Universal, which is right next to Universal Studios in L.A., and I was there all the time. I went to Universal Studios and I rode all the rides by myself, took pictures, I did that all by myself. When I go to places I love going to all those kind of amusement parks and kind of cheesy things to do. I’m totally doing it.

You used #Flaritza for a pic with your OITNB bestie, Jackie Cruz.

That’s my girl Flaca and me, Maritza. Every time we take a picture together, they’re always kind of silly and we have a whole group of people who enjoy our pictures together because we’re like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and in the show we’re always together so when we have #Flaritza moments or #FlaritzaFridays, it’s just a picture of both of us and we’re just usually doing something silly or have the same shirt on or just doing twinsie things that’s what it is.

#RainbowsandKittens. It was a pic of a beautiful rainbow.

I was in Nantucket filming a movie, Peter and John. It’s a period film and Nantucket is gorgeous, nature there is incredible. I mean deer and bunnies and just tons of different kinds of birds. I saw this beautiful rainbow; I’ve never seen a rainbow like this it was a double rainbow. It literally went all the way from the ocean down all the way to where I was staying and it was not even just half a rainbow it was a full-on rainbow. It made me so happy it reminded me of #RainbowsandKittens which is the two things that make me so happy.

Talking about kittens, what were you thinking when you used #WackyKitty?

#WackyKitty refers to my eyes in pictures. They always come out white or kind of like demonized, kind of like a kitten when you take pictures of a cat. But I liked the picture so much—I don’t know why—that I was just like, “Oh I can just put #WackyKitty and it’s going to be totally ok. There’s also this person who follows me called @CatFeces who every time I post something about a reference to a cat she always posts and I think it’s really funny. And out of everyone I always answer her, “Waddup @CatFeces!” It’s pretty funny.

What hashtag would you use for the second season of OITNB?

#FlaritzaShenanigansBackAtIt. In Orange I would say #Shenanigans #BlowingUpTheKitchen. We don’t blow it up but it’s just funny because every time we were on set it was funny because Jackie [Cruz] and I would just add spices to the pot. We don’t know how to cook. Every scene we’re just adding mad salt and mad jalapeños and stuff because that’s how we think that it’s going to look like we know how to cook. #BadCooking.

How about a hashtag for your new show, Jane the Virgin?

I’m really excited to go on that journey with them. We don’t know how much of a journey I’m going to be on because I’m a recurring character and not a series regular. #Recurring #HopefullyMore #MakeMePartOfTheStory because no person can go through their lives without their best friend and relying on someone.

What hashtag would you personally retire?

#Blessed. I just can’t. I feel it’s not necessarily genuine but I also feel like, a lot of people aren’t blessed. I guess it’s giving reference to the Big Guy upstairs and saying thank you so much for blessing me with this goodness on me but I don’t like it. I just think it’s kind of in your face I’m blessed! I’d retire that #blessed.


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