The Bare Magazine: Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby

We are excited to present an exclusive interview between “Doom Patrol” costars and real life friends Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby. They discuss everything from dismantling white supremacy to their favorite ice cream flavor. Bonus are these photos they sent from Los Angeles especially for us looking as naturally gorgeous as ever. We were blown away by their performance when we recently binged the first 3 episodes streaming on DC Universe and HBO Max – can’t wait for more! Thank you Diane and April for a sweet intimate glance behind the talented beautiful souls that bring Crazy Jane and Elasti-Girl to vivid life.

The Bare Magazine: How do you feel about this time? 2 world Pandemics, racial injustice and the health crisis?

Diane Guerrero: We are in a revolution! I’m ready to fight tooth and nail against white supremacy and overthrowing this fucked government. We must defund the oppressive institutions that are building business off the control, detention, and slave labor of people of color. And yes that includes the police, ICE and the military.

We need to invest in our communities. Communities that are given resources thrive. It’s a concept we never applied in communities of color. But just look at white neighborhoods. OURS is a system that has historically, continuously survived and thrived on the sacrifice of indigenous, black, and brown people.
COVID-19 has also disproportionately set back Black and Latinx communities, wiped out familial wealth, killed careers and ended businesses. We are seeing how the generations of oppression of black and brown communities results in increased vulnerability and puts even more of our black and brown loved ones at risk.

April Bowlby: I am hopeful, that under such conditions and pressures we can come together and become an elevated society. It’s unprecedented in modern times because we’re actually talking in mainstream media about a healthcare crisis that’s been going on long before covid and murder at the hands of state actors has been going on since 1492. It has to change. And now is the time.

Bare: Who are the heroes you admire most?

DG: AOC and Patrisse Cullors. Look them up, support their work.

AB: The real national heroes of this moment are our healthcare workers and people fighting for the national adoption of basic human rights. The healers of our world. They are our heros. Thank you heros.

Bare: Describe the show?

DG: Doom Patrol is a wild ride on shrooms – and every trip is awesome.

AB: It’s about a quirky and flawed group who TRY to come together to help the world. Doom Patrol is a character driven exploration of the human condition. The group has to heal themselves before they can heal the world while the storylines are psychedelic and bizarre.

Bare: What is the character you play?

DG: My character is Crazy Jane and she is a complex creature. She is the primary host of a 5 year old named Kay Challis. Kay has D.I.D. (dissociative identity disorder) because she suffered sexual trauma at a very young age which caused her personality to split 64 ways. She is based on Truddi Chase whose autobiography, When Rabbit Howls, Grant Morrison was reading while creating the series. Jane’s main mission is to protect little girl Kay from harm. While exposed to the gene bomb Jane and each of her 63 fellow personas acquire a different super power. Jane now accepts her mental illness, no longer seeking to cure it, but to cope with it and healthily coexist with her alters.

AB: I play Rita Farr. AKA, ELASTIWOMAN. She is a narcissistic Hollywood star from the 50’s. Rita had an accident that changed her molecular structure. Now when she is overcome by an emotion she loses control of her body and turns into a blob, which can destroy towns and people. Through Season 1 & 2 you learn Rita’s origin story. How her past haunts her, how she learns to forgive herself as she begins to see her vulnerability as a strength.

Bare: How does it feel to be part of Doom Patrol?

DG: Doom Patrol is a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to play a superhero–especially one as special, abstract, and interesting as Jane. Doom Patrol is not your average “superhero” show. It deals with the complex reality of the human psyche while tackling the world’s existential drama. It revels in the absurd and unexpected which in my opinion is an actor’s dream. It forces me to ask questions I’ve never asked and allows me to believe and be comfortable in the grey area of life. Life is not black and white and here’s Doom Patrol to show you the entire rainbow of possibilities.

AB: It’s incredible! I would wake up every morning and walk onto set and think….. oh my god. There’s a Robotman, sex ghosts and a clock headed evil villain I get to perform with today. And I’m so grateful to be a part of this show that deals with real issues like prejudice, LGBTQ+ issues, body image, mental illness and PTSD. Doom Patrol deals with the human condition and delivers on all the bizarre storylines of the comic book. It’s a wild dream come true to play in this arena.

Bare: Can you share one thing you discovered about yourself during the shooting of Doom Patrol?

DG: I learned that we are all capable of being superheros, that we can use our own tragedies and turn them into power for the greater good. AND WE NEED TO VALUE MENTAL HEALTH.

AB: I learned that there is always more to learn. That the possibilities are endless. Every day I came to work I saw the sets change from a life size race car track to an ice dome, to a 1920’s circus. I saw what I thought were impossible story lines going from the page of the script to reality. Things I never thought we could pull off, we did. I learned that the work is never done. Within yourself and outside of yourself. There is always more to learn and more things to try. The challenge is exciting.

Bare: What is a talent or instrument that you wish you could do?

DG: I wish I could play piano and play as beautifully as Stevie Wonder.

AB: I’m learning violin. I have to be patient with myself because…. well, that E string can get preeeety tinny. But that’s the challenge!

Bare: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

DG: Pistachio.

AB: Currently my favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies and Cream. Close second is Peanut butter and Chocolate.

Bare: What is your favorite Doom Patrol outfit for Jane?

DG: Every fucking outfit of hers is my favorite. She’s a glamorous queen and I love her!

AB: When Jane turns into one of her alternate personalities… She’s wearing this incredible flowery flowing dress. It’s a kitchen scene in the Doom Manor. You’ll know it when you see it.

Bare: What’s the one action you want to do during this time? For yourself and the world.

DG: Love. And dismantle white supremacy. And for myself, love, and dismantle white supremacy.

AB: VOTE And this quote… It’s been said recently that an “advanced society is a loving society” (AOC) “and the survival of our species is based on taking care of one another, not every man for himself. That’s not just about how you feel in your heart. It’s about the structure of our government and public policy from the local to the global level.”


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