Diane Guerrero Helps Launch ‘Fabric of America’ Campaign

Actress, author, activist, Diane Guerrero (Doom Patrol, Orange is the New Black, Jane the Virgin) has contributed her influential voice to a new passion project – the “Fabric of America” campaign by Xfinity from Comcast today.

The virtual experience which can be discovered at www.fabricofthenation.com, honors the optimistic and resilient spirit of diverse American voices, their essential role in the cultural tapestry of the US, and their contributions toward moving this country forward.

Diane is encouraging all culturally diverse Americans to contribute their influential voice to this very special digital experience. When you visit www.fabricofthenation.com, you can record and share your voice, your story of contribution to the cultural tapestry of the US, and your wish for the future. All voices, each a soundwave, become digital threads that woven together make up a beautiful 3D, digital American flag.

Diane is among the many influencers, leaders, and academics who are contributing their diverse voice/perspective/story to the digital activation. Diane’s voice speaks to people. It inspires pride in her heritage, community, and values. Her voice is what Xfinity had in mind when Fabric of America was created.


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